Kawartha Classical Christian School

Kawartha Classical Christian School is a fairly new school with a lot going for it. The school leaders have a compelling philosophy of education, a talented and dedicated faculty, and families who love the school enough to advocate for it. So when they asked us to create a fundraising video for them, we knew we had to tell the story of these strong elements that help set KCCS apart.

Good marketing tells a story. We have a lot of experience working with non-profits, and we know that it’s important to donors that their support is helping to fund real change for real people. By telling the story of the difference KCCS has made for their families, we were able to produce an effective fundraising video. If your non-profit organization is functioning, it means that someone finds value in what you do. We’ll help you tell your unique story in a way that resonates with your audience and increases your supporters.


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AlexKawartha Classical Christian School

“The board of KCCS was thrilled (and even inspired!) by the work they did for us, which beautifully captured our heart for our school. If you have a story worth telling, they’ll help you tell it."

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