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Dear business owner,

We know that if you’re building, running, and growing a business these days, you are a rare breed: a risk taker, a gladiator. But if you're being honest, you may be a little worn out, tired of the inconsistent feast or famine seasons that take away from the  pride or joy that you have in your company. Or maybe the thought of taking your business to the next level makes your head spin, not knowing which of the five thousand tools that are supposed to “10X your business in your sleep!” *insert the voice of the newest internet guru*

With so many options and “experts,” it is hard to know which plan to pursue. But may we suggest the possibility of returning to the basics? A system. A framework. A way to scale a business that has been tried and found dependable for generations. 

A farmer may have every new-fangled, must-have piece of equipment at his disposal—automatic planters, GPS-driven tractors, and sprayers that’ll git er done. But if the fundamentals of growth aren’t attended to (sunlight, soil, water), the seed will die. In the ditch on the other side of the road, we have the farmer who is the kind of guy that is ALL ABOUT the “traditional way” and ends up working 10x harder to grow a plant that is 10x smaller than his competition. But what happens when traditional principles are used in tandem with modern technologies? GROWTH WILL HAPPEN, GUARANTEED!

Consistent, healthy and efficient growth is predictable for your business when traditional principles and modern technologies come together to form a reliable, predictable, time-tested framework. No more guessing, no more stressing. Experience the freedom that comes from Boniface Business Solutions as your business reaps the true rewards of entrepreneurship.

But how can we GUARANTEE growth for your business!?

Our Process

Apply specific, customized marketing solutions to grow your business. Reach your customers where they are.

What We Do

Apply a specific, time-tested, proven selling system that guarantees results.


Knowledge is power and knowing how to grow your business is essential.


Our 5-step growth framework is put into action.


Watch as this system helps flood your business with consistent sales.
*Owner and his family

Our Mission

At Boniface Business Solutions, we aim to make scaling your business fun and stress-free. To bring rest to your sleepless nights and to take your anxiety-filled guesswork to a predictable framework that has been proven to see results. Entrepreneurialism is the backbone of healthy communities and can be an enriching endeavour. It can grant freedom in time, money and health. That is why we will always strive to lead with value first. To freely educate and equip current entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, and to encourage those who have yet to take the plunge to dive in, prepared to succeed in their business endeavours.

- Jeremy Bundy, Owner of Boniface Business

SurgeSurge Auto Glass

“My business has taken off and has doubled from last year to this year, all thanks to Boniface Business Solutions, with the integrity and hard work they've put in towards my business. I'm so thankful for Jeremy and his team. He's diligent in what he does and always comes through.”

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Our Offer

We’re so confident in the success of this method that we want to offer you the chance to try it out entirely risk-free.

First, we will completely rewrite your Google or Facebook ads you’re currently using.

Of course, any agency will offer to do that, but here’s the sweet part: you don’t pay anything for the management and testing of our ads against yours.

Think of it as our audition. If we fail to beat your current ad campaigns, we’ll send you an invoice for $0.00. Or we’ll just forget the invoice altogether.

No setup fees
No management fees
No copywriting fees
No design or development fees
No other fees

In other words, all of our work on your campaigns is pre-revenue. And if we do beat your current ad campaigns, you’ll still be in the money. Because our fees will be more than covered by the increased sales revenue that our new campaign generated for you.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

JaniceCreation Care Landscaping

“Boniface Business Solutions has greatly increased the number of calls, and qualified leads for Creation Care Landscaping. My business has experienced an increase in jobs booked and revenue since receiving their services. I highly recommend them.”

Our Services

We're experienced with a wide range of tools and techniques for helping you reach more potential customers, and communicate how your business solves their problems. Below are some of our most in-demand services.

Brand Discovery
In-House Ad Creation
Audio Mixing And Mastering
Audio Recording
Work OS Consulting
Internal Systems
Facebook Ad Management
Google Ad Management
Market Research
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design
Website Development
App Development
AlexKawartha Classical Christian School

“The board of KCCS was thrilled (and even inspired!) by the work they did for us, which beautifully captured our heart for our school. If you have a story worth telling, they’ll help you tell it."

How We Do It

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