Terms of Service



When we say we will beat your current campaign, that promise requires that there’s something to compete against. You must have an existing, profitable ad campaign running on either Facebook or Google. Because success has to be measured by comparing it to something that’s already in place, this opportunity is not for businesses that are not already advertising online. (If you are not currently running online ad campaigns and would like to work with us to create a funnel and ads from scratch, contact us here.)


We reserve full creative control. You must be willing to let us create the ads we think will be effective. We will have you review all materials for legal and factual approval, but the designs will be our own ideas. We can’t guarantee an ad’s success if it isn’t our ad.


This should be obvious, but your business must be a legitimate entity in a legitimate industry. We work within the bounds of the law, and don’t have interest or energy to support shady, scammy, outlets, or multi-level marketing schemes.

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