Liberty Coalition Canada

Liberty Coalition Canada came to us wanting to rebrand, as well as overhaul the user experience of their website. The new website needed to convey an institutional vibe and have the aesthetic of the news genre. We took the information we received from the client and compiled this into our brand discovery exercise which helps both us and the client process exactly who they are and what we are trying to portray through unified branding. The result was an updated branding suite, including colours, logos, and fonts, a beautiful website design, and features that made LCC more accessible, like podcast feeds and a custom donation form. Unified branding is so important to your business. With so many different channels for people to find you, it’s important for each of your digital touchpoints to convey consistency and build trust with your target market. In the words of Zuby: “You can make the average person afraid of the common cold simply by changing its name. This is the power of branding.”


Needed to better communicate who they are and what they do

BBS Solution

Brand discovery, logo design, custom website design


A brand that accurately reflects who you are and a website that does what users expect

BBS Benefit

By taking the time to understand our clients, we can help bring out your real identity and make your audience understand why they should do business with you.

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