Surge Auto Glass

Surge came to us wanting to take his company to the next level - we love entrepreneurs like this! There were a lot of possible directions we could have taken this project, and without doing our market research and due diligence, we might have chosen a direction that would have wasted time and money.

We could have run ads, done email marketing, re-branding - spend more money for what would have been still a great return. But instead, we researched the market and audited the client’s existing digital asset portfolio. We identified a key weakness and suggested video production, a new website with custom photography, and SEO. By having a more visible, current, and user-friendly website, Surge has seen a 300% increase in revenue to date.


Wanted to take business to the next level

BBS Solution

Video, website, photography, and SEO


A 300% jump in revenue

BBS Benefit

Entire project completed “in-house” including audio mixing and mastering.
SurgeSurge Auto Glass

“My business has taken off and has doubled from last year to this year, all thanks to Boniface Business Solutions, with the integrity and hard work they've put in towards my business. I'm so thankful for Jeremy and his team. He's diligent in what he does and always comes through.”

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