The Ezra Institute

The Ezra Institute is a think-tank and worldview training organization. They had been running effective in-person training programs, but were looking for ways to globalize their ministry. They knew that many of their audience existed in other parts of the world and couldn’t be reached as is. They also wanted to work towards independence from a donation-based existence and create a sustainable and efficient way to fund further growth. We pitched an online learning platform through app development which would extend the reach of the institute globally. We also were able to develop an automated marketing that efficiently grows subscriptions and extend the reach of the learning platform. We knew that in order to see an ROI in the first year, we only needed 3% of the current followers to sign up for the learning portal. This was an efficient way for Ezra to pivot as a ministry and take it to the next level.


Lack of global reach and reliance on donations

BBS Solution

Online learning portal and effective marketing funnel


*currently in beta testing*

BBS Benefit

Our small team with a wide array of skills can keep costs down compared to the competition.

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