Optimizing Your Inbound Marketing Channels: Turning Web Traffic into Revenue

Our email subscribers who watched our free training would know that a SMALL fraction of your TAM is ready to buy now. Even though this is a small fraction, they are the easiest to sell to, so we need to optimize all your inbound marketing channels (how people find you). We don't just want a website at the top of the search engine results; we want one that converts web traffic into revenue. This is where we will start looking at all your current distribution lines and make sure that we are using the right tools in the right ways for the right group within your TAM. We want an optimized inbound marketing flow that will play a massive role in your more extensive selling system. As we funnel cold traffic and warm them up to buyers, this inbound marketing sub-system will ultimately help ACTUATE sales and keep your ROI as high as possible with all other efforts.

Here is a sample of one of the tools used for our inbound marketing strategy:

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